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Tips to identify your niche self-employment ideas

By | Subhashis Banerji

Creating and generating alternative sources of income when you don’t have any job – Self-employment options during corona covid19 times – Alternative self-employment ideas in 2021.

During this corona triggered and induced difficult economic-situation and tough recessionary condition – finding jobs are definitely not an easy task.

Getting a job becomes even more challenging if you don’t have an in-demand-cutting-edge competency-portfolio of qualifications, skills, expertise and exposure in high growth business-area PLUS a job.

Securing a job becomes more effective and easier – when you get referred by some very influential and powerful person [as then you get called for interview] and get selected through topping the interview.

But if you are out of job – without relevant skills and experience – then it is very-very uphill task if not downright impossible – especially in countries like India.

Therefore we need to focus on – creating and generating alternative sources of revenue generation through self-employment.

We need multiple sources – because – you need to have a minimum level of income to survive and manage your basic minimum operational expenses – personal as well as for the revenue-generation model.

In this article we will be covering the following

–         16 High investment opportunities and options – most of them are intensely technical and need-big investments – and many of these are keeping Indian situation in mind

–         78 Low investment opportunities and options – few of these are for Professional who are optimally qualified and experienced in their professions

–         8 examples of opportunities for technical-experts

–         16 examples of opportunities for unskilled – these might be known to you – but during tough times – forgetting the EGO and finding and doing some of these work may add big value to you later AS you may be able to start a big business later after acquiring enough knowledge, edge, skills, experience and exposure in these

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