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Tips to Manage Dysfunctional Workplace Challenges

Source | LinkedIn | Raj Gupta MLE℠ – Lift Others to Get Lifted | ? Author | Poet ? HR Leader – 25Y of Exp. with exposure to US, Europe, UK & Indian MNCs ⭐10Y each in TCS & GE

Over a period of time, I have realised that if we take note of the following points, it helps in managing and prepare us better to stand up to the dysfunctional office environment challenges : – 

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Reflection is the key : – Sitting back and assessing your office dynamics is the first step. Be observant in how your co-workers deal with one another. Recognize certain behavior which instigates bad office behaviour and how others react to the situation without interfering.

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Hold on to the impulse of Joining In : – Wherever there is a water cooler, coffee room or quiet corner there’s likely to be co-workers dishing dirt on one another. While it’s nearly impossible to exterminate this type of harmful behaviour completely, those in management positions need to make it perfectly clear that office gossip will not be tolerated. The first step to achieving this is to make certain you’re not a participant in the mud-slinging. This may mean avoiding the regular office haunts of those who like to gossip. If you do find yourself in a situation where work-related talk has turned to nasty gossip, you need to act fast.

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