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Tips to write resignation letter

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Have you decided to quit the current job? If your answer is yes, make sure that it is utmost necessary for you to draw a line between the present job and new job. How do you do that? The obvious answer would be Resignation: A formal farewell letter.

Submission of resignation letter makes your transition ease during your stint in the office. The intimation letter, helps you and employer to maintain a positive relationship even after leaving the company. It is better to resign in person, followed by submitting the formal letter.

If you are writing the resignation letter for the first time you may come across several hiccups as what to write? How to write and what all should be included in the letter?

Here we have some basic tips, that help you to overcome the problems which crop up while putting in them in words.


  • Resignation letter should be simple, brief and precise. Eg: Mention the post you hold (designation) during the service, why are you taking leave from the service and on what day your resignation should be effective.
  • It should be professional and polite. Eg: Be straight forward and graceful
  • Must to include factual information like: reason and the date of leaving and when it should be effective from. Eg; mention you are moving abroad, relocating or focus on parenting
  • Write your the notice period. Eg: 15 days, one month or two months. This clearly says that the next number of days you work for the company. (Your appointment letters specifies the number of days/months you need to work)
  • Thank you to employer for providing you the opportunity to learn and grow at the workplace. Eg: A note of thanks shows your social conduct, courtesy and respect towards employer
  • Have a note if any undue work to be completed before you leave the company.


  • Do not write a lengthy introduction
  • Do not elaborate on the reason of leaving.Eg: In many cases sharing the details about why you are resigning is not necessary.If you are writing make it a point to note valid  reason.    Do not write anything negative about anything you    came across during your stint at the workplace. (Do not make it platform to vent your feeling against co-workers, superviser or company)
  • Do not give wrong details in your letter. Eg: your phone no, postal address, e-mail id.

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