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Tired of applying for jobs? Skip HR and try this instead.

Source |  |  BY:Sam Struan, Recruitment & Career Specialist

You know what?

The current process of applying for jobs is completely fu— messed up.

On top of this, 99% of job adverts out there seem to be complete nonsense or, at best, fictional people descriptions.

Sorry friends in HR and fellow recruiters but most of ya’ll can’t write an interesting job description worth a d**n. Disney characters seem more realistic to recruit than the people you describe in your “requirements” section.

  • “Must have…
  • A Bachelor’s degree in…
  • 7+ years’ management experience…
  • A minimum 10+ years’ experience in…
  • MBA preferred (even though you probably don’t have one)”

Blah, blah, blah. 

Why do the job responsibilities always make us candidates feel like we’re a perfect fit for the role but the requirements section makes us feel totally inadequate?

Probably because most job ads are full of vague and fluffy responsibilities, and still focus on the “must haves” instead of the more important “must do’s”.

Even companies like Samsung who are recruiting for a Marketing Manager come up with the following drivel.

  • “Development of the messaging strategy and visuals to clearly communicate Samsung brand and product benefits.”
  • “Build and implement overall trade marketing and go to market plans.”
  • “Drive increased Samsung exposure in all online, print, and in store efforts.”


This also makes every Marketing Manager under the sun think they’re a good fit because the responsibilities lack any true detail and don’t focus on quantifiable deliverables. Candidates waste so much time going through a broken process of writing silly cover letters and applying to jobs that they’re not a fit for because of poorly written job descriptions.

What Samsung might need instead (and the details that are usually missing from job ads): 

  • Within the first 6 months, lead the development of the online and in-store messaging strategy and visuals for over 120 different consumer electronics products in the Home Entertainment category.
  • Build a trade marketing and go-to-market plan from scratch within the first 3 months to oversee campaign activity for the next 18 months. Our trade marketing plan involves working with over 800 global partners.
  • We’re looking to increase brand exposure by at least 20% over the next year for online, in-store and print efforts. We currently have over 1400 stores worldwide and will need you to implement a new measuring system for tracking brand exposure.

Those numbers are made up but if companies started quantifying – in terms of Time, Money & Manpower – what actually needs to be done, we’d have a better idea of what’s to be expected from us, and whether we have enough experience to make it worth our time applying.

For hiring authorities, this would automatically screen candidates that don’t have the level of experience or don’t feel confident enough to handle the challenges (e.g. 800 global partners). But if we keep focusing on the “must have 7+ years’ experience” or “must have a degree” or “must have a dog” then we lose out on good talent.

Would you rather hire…

The Marketing Specialist with 4 years’ experience who currently handles 90 different consumer products for over 800 stores, works with over 600 global partners and has increased brand exposure by 37% in the past 2 years.


The Marketing Manager who has 7 years’ experience but has only handled 30 different consumer products for 100 stores, worked with 50 local vendors and doesn’t know/hasn’t measured how much brand exposure they’ve driven?

Time, Money & Manpower examples are what we should be highlighting on résumés, on job descriptions, and what we should be confirming with references. Not “A dynamic, results-oriented leader with excellent communication skills” or “MBA preferred” or “was this person a team player?”.


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