How to find candidates with the help of SEO

By | Frank Hamilton

Searching for talents could be really tedious as it might take a considerable amount of time to find a candidate that fits all the required criteria for the position. Such a situation is usually common when some specific skills or knowledge of some rare technologies are required. Luckily, the world of online communication and SEO allows for creating a bidirectional channel for connecting human resources specialists with potential candidates. This article describes how recruiting managers could utilize search engine optimization approaches for finding the proper candidates faster.

The benefits of SEO in recruitment strategies

To attract more potential candidates for a vacant position in the company, recruiting managers might think of applying SEO techniques. Those would help to rank your job position pages higher so that more candidates would be able to see them on the first page of search results.

More candidates

Even though there are many existing websites dedicated to job postings, recruitment specialists are always happy to discover new platforms that grant an influx of new potential candidates. Luckily, there is no need to surf over the internet in search of new external platforms for job search but promote existing postings on your website.

Most likely, every company has its business website with the section Career or something like that. There you might create pages where each is dedicated to the particular job position. Promoting those pages with SEO will help them to be more visible to potential candidates when they make appropriate search requests on Google.

Better choice

Once more people are finding your job page on search engines, more CVs will come to your corporate email box. As a result, you will have a wider range of candidates who are interested in the promoted job position. Consequently, you will be able to interview more people and choose the best candiate that specifically matches the job role.

Detailed analysis

When you start implementing SEO in your marketing and recruitment strategies, you will certainly use dedicated SEO tools. If you want to know more about the range of helpful instruments, find about it here to learn more.

You might also consider using standard tools offered by Google for tracking the website performance and analytics. There you will be able to access everything, starting from the number of page visitors to the amount of time they spend on the page.

Brand awareness

The reinforcement of any marketing strategy often happens to the implementation of SEO as the corporate website gets better online visibility. The promotion of pages with jobs is similar as the website appears high on results pages when certain job-related search intents are made. When more people encounter your web pages, your brand gets better recognition online and in real life.

Using SEO for promoting pages with job announcements

While it is clear that SEO can bring lots of benefits for recruitments and human resources managers, it is also necessary to know which exact steps to take. Those actions would help to improve rankings of the dedicated job pages and also strengthen the overall website domain authority.

Keyword planning

There is a range of SEO tools that help to find the right keywords and phrases for your job announcement. Such online services and extensions suggest certain keywords that people are using when searching for a job. Consider specific long-tail keywords that refer to the particular profession.

Unique job description

Once you have completed your keyword research and chosen the key phrases to be used in the job description, it is the right time to start composing it. Disseminate those keywords all over the text by mentioning them several times. Also, make sure that there is a mentioning of each principal keyword in the first paragraph of the job description.

Local SEO

Posting job announcements should also consider the keywords related to the location and geographical area. This is extremely important to assure that the candidates from your region could find and apply for the vacant job position. Taking that the popularity of smart working has been gaining momentum, you might drop the keywords related to the specific location, however, make sure to include some phrases related to remote mode.


The job description page ranking on search engines can significantly improve when implementing link building. To find the appropriate online platforms for gaining a backlink, check sponsored blogs that place promoted articles. That way, you can create a blog article with the link to the page with the job description and post it on dedicated platforms.

Social networking

Even though the links from social media platforms do not count as backlinks, making announcements about your jobs on social networks is a rule of thumb. Once you create a post on your company’s Facebook or LinkedIn, more potential candidates will be able to find the information about your jobs and apply for them.

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