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To Be a Great Leader, Practice These Five Skills of Relational Intelligence

By | Adam Bandelli |

To become a great leader, certain habits, skills, and behaviors must be practiced on a regular basis. Successful leaders know how to set a vision for their organizations and drive alignment on business-critical goals. They are great at execution and holding people accountable to deliver results. They create cultures of innovation and creativity by empowering people to perform. They inspire and motivate others through their passion, energy, and enthusiasm.

Although all these areas play a critical role in running a profitable business, the most important factor in determining a leader’s success is their ability to build strong relationships. Great leaders understand this at their core, and they practice the five essential skills of relational intelligence.

What is relational intelligence?

Relational intelligence is the ability to successfully connect with people and build strong, long-lasting relationships. It is an essential set of skills that today’s leaders need in their toolkits. It serves as the foundation for creating cultures of excellence that are relationship-oriented and foster great employee engagement.

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