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To be successful in life what you need is education, not just literacy or degrees

Source | Linkedin | Raja Jamalamadaka | TEDx/keynote Speaker | LinkedIn Top Voice | Marshall Goldsmith awardee | Director | Startup-mentor | IIT | Harvard

Last week, I visited Chennai for some personal work. At the airport, we were received by a cab driver – let’s call him Ramesh. As is my wont, I got talking with him to understand him better. Ramesh came from a poor family. The financial challenges in his childhood forced him to drop out of school in his second grade (standard 2 in India). He tried various options to support his family before taking up driving as his profession. Despite his challenges, Ramesh appeared fairly cheerful. I asked him for his role model.

Pat came the response “Mr. Jack”. I had heard of Jack (not his true name) – he was a well-known CXO at a top technology organization.

“Why Jack ?”

“I once attended an event where Jack was the keynote speaker. He spoke so well. I still remember his key messages–

1.     Always maintain integrity. Integrity is saying what you do and doing what you say.

2.    Be humble and serve others. Spend 10% of your time and money on helping people less fortunate than yourself.

I was so impressed that I have tried my best to live these two messages.”

“How?” I asked.

“Out of every hundred rupees that I have earned ever since that session, I have given ten rupees back to support poor kids at the local community school so that they don’t suffer my fate. Money aside, I spend 30 minutes everyday at the local hospital taking care of the needy.”

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