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To Survive Our Technological Transformation, Civilization Needs a Cognitive Revolution

By | Deepak Chopra MD | Founder at Deepak Chopra LLC

By James Arbib, Tony Seba and Deepak Chopra™ MD

Over the next decade, industrial civilization will experience a scale of technological disruption never before seen in the history of humanity. Converging across the five foundational sectors of information, energy, transportation, food and materials, this disruption will drive massive transformations across the economy.

But while this disruption is inevitable due to fundamental economic drivers, only by transforming our very core way of seeing and understanding the world will we navigate this transition in a way that elevates humanity to new heights while avoiding societal breakdown.

Over the last two decades, we’ve been consistently more accurate than mainstream analysts in predicting critical technological disruptions like rapid cost declines for solar panels, the shrinking of the coal industry, as well as the peaking of global oil demand for petrol car sales.

We anticipate that technological innovations across these five sectors will drop production costs by 10 times or more – putting incumbent legacy industries from fossil fuels to dairy farming out of business – potentially allowing humanity to revolutionize the way we process and communicate information, and produce energy, food, and materials.

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