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Today Is The Future

Source || Priya Kumar

Sometimes people get so hung up on their dreams and goals and future positions that they just can’t seem to do justice to the work and the job they have at hand. In that they begin to create a never-ending distance between where they are and where they aspire to be.

A visionary is a person who has his eyes on the goal but his attention in the task at hand. Your targets are supposed to inspire in you greater and focused action today, right now. You haven’t gotten where you want to go, you are not where you want to be, and so you have to do what needs to be done to get there, to be there. What you do today and everyday must be in total alignment in with the goals that you have set for yourself. There is no tomorrow when it comes to taking action toward a planned future—there is only today.

Has it ever happened that you were so confident that you would achieve your goals, you were so convinced of that success, that you began to take it easy, only to realize a little too late that while you were closer to the deadline and you are nowhere close to the finish line? Well, I have been there one too many a times to realize the fallacy. In making the future so strong, I lost foothold in the present. You relax at the finish line. You rest when the job is delivered. You breathe when the game is over. Until then, you hustle and hustle harder.

Here is the truth about the goals we dare to imagine and the future we dare to dream—Every goal conceivable is achievable.

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