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Tom Peters: Why Training Is Your Number One Priority

Source | | Roger Dooley

Legendary management thinker Tom Peters just created a manifesto of twenty-seven “Number One” priorities for leaders. His choice for the most critical, the “Number One Number One,” might surprise you: it’s training your people.

Employees First

In a recent interview, Peters emphasized that successful companies focus on employees first, before shareholders and even before customers. Twice, Peters quoted author John DiJulius,“Your customers will never be any happier than your employees.”

Peters explains his prioritization of training in this short video:

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Peters is particularly focused on training because of the coming disruption of large segments of the workforce, both blue collar and white collar, by automation and artificial intelligence. While past technology-driven revolutions have impacted manual processes, the AI-driven one will likely affect managerial and technical roles just as dramatically.

Responsible leaders must begin preparing their people to survive and thrive both today and in an uncertain future.

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