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Top 10 Best Business Process Management Tools in 2023

By | Wanda Lafond

Business process management is successfully being implemented in different industries and in companies of all sizes. Indeed, business process management is quite valuable as it allows organizations to create their own systems for operating their processes by minimizing errors, improving communication, and getting rid of inefficiencies.

That being said, proper business process management can only be achieved with the help of the right tools. Hence, here are the top ten best business process management tools you should start using this year.

#1 Asana

You’ve likely heard of Asana one way or another as it is a popular project management software. This tool is essential for any organization that wants to organize their employees (as well as their respective teams and departments) in the most efficient way possible. The best part is that you can use Asana both online and as a mobile app.

Essentially, the tool provides you with a dashboard where tasks can be created and assigned deadlines. You can also add tags and comments, assign people to the tasks, mark them as done, and more. If your team is small, you can use Asana for free, but larger organizations may need to purchase one of the paid plans.

#2 Monday

Monday is another popular business process management tool that prioritizes personalization. What this means for businesses is that they can get customized solutions that fit their needs perfectly. Some of the processes you can work with using Monday include project and task management, marketing resource management, customer relationship management, etc.

You will have a single dashboard from which you can set up and monitor campaigns, organize different tasks and projects, automate processes, and so on. You also get access to numerous customization features that will allow you to do your work your way. The pricing for Monday starts at $24 per month.

#3 Zoho Creator

If you want to build your own work environment and manage business processes that way, then Zoho Creator is for you. It is a low-code development platform with the help of which you can create mobile applications and web tools. Thanks to its drag-and-drop setup, even beginners can use it to create their own software.

You can use the Zoho Creator to build your own working environment and help your team become more productive with the tools provided by Zoho. The pricing starts at $10 per user per month, so it is quite affordable for such a powerful tool.

#4 Kissflow

Kissflow is an affordable and user-friendly business process management tool that doesn’t require you to know any code to be able to use it. You can automate processes, enforce policies and rules, optimize tasks and processes, and so on. What’s more, Kissflow supports different types of tasks, including projects, cases, processes, and so on.

If you need help writing the policies and rules you will be enforcing, you can hire professional writers from the writing services reviews siteAll Top Reviews. Then, you will likely figure out how to set it up yourself considering that the interface is quite intuitive. Otherwise, you can contact customer support to help you. The pricing for Kissflowis $390 per month.

#5 Nintex

Just like Kissflow, Nintex offers a number of pre-built templates you can use for setting up all your business process management workflows. Interestingly, Nintex can be integrated with tools like Office 365 and SharePoint among others which makes it even more useful and efficient for businesses of all kinds.

Nintex can help you with the standardization and digitization of your forms and processes, automation of your workflows, and overall organization of your business structure. It’s the perfect solution for transitioning from a manual to an automated setup. The pricing starts at $875 for ten workflows.

#6 ProcessMaker

Another tool that offers pre-built templates is ProcessMaker. This is yet another popular business process management tool that allows you to design your own digital work environment for yourself and your team. There are three options you can choose from: open-source, on-premise, and cloud. These options make ProcessMaker a unique tool when compared to others of its kind.

Obviously, there are many features for automating everything from manual tasks to data processing. Though this tool is on the more expensive side, it is still worth the cost. The pricing for ProcessMaker starts at $1,495 per month.

#7 Bizagi

If you have a big company with enterprise-level needs, then Bizagi is the tool you need. Bizagi has been around for years, so it has definitely established itself as a reliable brand. This business process management solution has several tools that should all be used together for maximum results: Modeler, Studio, and Engine.

Essentially, each tool serves its own purposes, but when you combine them, you get the full package and the full potential of what this solution has to offer. The pricing for Bizagi starts at $25 per user per month.

#8 iGrafx

Another tool you should definitely consider for your business process management needs is the platform called iGrafx. It allows organizations to automate their workflows while also supporting robotic process automation or RPA. To put it simply, RPA allows you to emulate human interactions with computers with the help of bots.

If you want to learn more about RPA, you can hire a writer from the writing agency Trust My Paper who will create a comprehensive report for you about what RPA is and how you can benefit from it. Because iGrafx offers multiple tools, you can buy them separately. For example, the FlowCharter tool starts at $692.

#9 Signavio

Signavio is a business process management platform that can help your business get to a new level through digital transformation. By using Signavio, you get all the tools you need to go through this transformation successfully.

In fact, its package is called exactly that – the Business Transformation Suite. It will guide you through the entire process of changing your business setup and making your processes more efficient. There is no price available publicly, so you will need to get in touch with Signavio to discuss what you need and get a quotation.

#10 Bpanda

Lastly, Bpanda is another option for those looking for a powerful yet user-friendly solution for their business process management needs. Not only is it great for planning, but it is also one of the best tools in terms of visualization.

In your dashboard, you get an overview of all the processes running in your business which helps you find weak spots and eliminate them while also strengthening the high points of your processes. Like with Signavio, you will need to get in touch with Bpanda to get a quotation for their pricing.


All in all, using one of these business process management tools will definitely make your work easier while helping you create the most efficient system for all the internal and external processes of your organization.

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