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Top 10 Digital People Service Technology Trends

Source | LinkedIn | Jagmohan Singh RISHI CEOs COACH | Global Head L&D- Digital Customer Experiences | 10X Results Coach Mentor | Author | Global Speaker

Switch from aspirational employee engagement to inspirational employee engagement. People will be the greatest ASSET or IMPEDIMENT in company’s ability to roll out digital transformation

The Top 10 Digital People Service Technology Trends

 1. Future-proofing employees

Whether we like it or not, technological developments in AI and other fields are changing the workforce. As a consequence, certain jobs that have traditionally been done by people will be replaced by machines.

It’s not all bad though. The coming years will be the ones in which organizations – Human Resources in particular – start looking at ways to retrain their staff for new, future-proof jobs. We believe that soon, jobs like these won’t be all that fictional anymore.

In other words: it’s time we start taking help of Bots. As a Lead – People Services; which all services can you collaborate with Bots?

 2. Gamification

Gamification, the application of ‘game dynamics’ in a non-gaming context such as recruitment, is becoming a common phenomenon in human resources. Over the past year, more and bigger organizations have ‘gamified’ parts of their human resources function.

The applications of gamification in human resources are widespread. Think of recruitment and preselection, a way to boost employee engagement and learning & development for example.

Speaking of L&D, Talview and Mind Tickle, Game-learn is a corporate learning platform that uses elements of gamification.

3. The Internet of Things

Cloud-computing is here to stay. Yes, the use of the cloud and cloud-based applications in Human resources has increased over the past year, but its rise will continue in times to come.

More and more organizations are starting to understand the benefits of the cloud for Human Resources and are making the transition. Cloud-computing means, among other things: automatic software updates, staff can access applications anywhere and at any time, and often it means better data protection as well.

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