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Top 10 Global issues and hotspots for HR leaders in 2020 – the “first five”​

Source | LinkedIn | Alan Wild | Global Employee Relations Guru. @thewildside

A Walk on the Wild Side picks out ten issues and trouble spots that will demand the attention of HR leaders across the world. Some of us will take a proactive stance on some of them, some will be bitten in the rear by others. … but for everyone these issues ought to considered for your 2020 priority list

As we move into a new decade every business will have its own issues and priorities to deal with … for many it will be trying to deal with “more of the same” … but better, faster … and with less 

Somewhere between the long term vision for HR … going digital, employee experience, workplace of the future … and simply navigating from quarter to quarter to the year-end … are a series of issues that might not make your list.   My top ten issues and hotspots are those least likely to be front of mind today and most likely to come to bite you tomorrow.

If you are a regular reader of “the wild side”, at least some of these will not be surprises. And … sticking to my blog word digestibility limit … ten are tough to swallow in one go. So, like last year, here are numbers one through five to be followed next week.

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