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Top 10 words which add to your business conversation

Source | LinkedIn : By Shital Kakkar Mehra

In the business world also, the use of vocabulary and tone can change as per situations and the organization, but there are some words which defines our level of command and commitment. Organizations look for optimistic and committed individual at work place and words are the most important medium to reflect our personality. So, in this article, I have defined some very powerful words which can add value to your persona.

1.      Right: It is an Adjective, Adverb, Noun, Verb as well as Exclamation. One word with multiple expression and very useful as a tool for guiding direction, for assurance, for acknowledgement, for confirmation and above all agreement. Presented with a firm voice, it demonstrates the confidence of an individual and positive approach of the matter discussed.

2.      Exactly: It is used as an Adverb. It is used in two senses. One to emphasize the accuracy of a figure or description and the other as a confirmation of the subject, which has just been said.

3.      Thanks: It is a noun and used as expression of gratitude. It resonates with every situation whether to start conversation on a good note or express our appreciation or gratitude. The use of “Thanks”, makes the audience interested and helpful in getting the needs fulfilled. We often hear speakers starting their speech as “thanks for your time” at the beginning itself.

4.      Marvelous: It is used as an Adjective. For the matter which is causing great wonder or to express feedback for extraordinary, this is the most suitable word we have in English.

5.      Definitely /Certainly: Both these words are adverbs and used to confirm the speaker’s belief that what is said is true. They emphasize the feeling of correctness and create a positive impact.

6.      Because: It is a conjunction and used as a request for giving reasons for any matter. The possibility of the given reasons, whether it is valid or invalid may not be ruled out once “because” is used. So, it triggers an expectation among the audience to oblige the request.

7.      We/ Together: “we” and “Together” are very positive words especially in modern business world because they convey a sense of sharing and caring. “We” is a pronoun and “together” is an adverb. They are helpful to eliminate the self-interest and imply an atmosphere of cooperation. Use of these words makes our requests easier to swallow and creates an opportunity for mutual interest.

8.      Will: “Will” is a verb as well as noun. It’s a powerful word to express future, inevitable events, a request, a capability, a habitual behavior and probability or expectation about something in the present. It assures the confirmation and eliminates any possibility of miscommunication.

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