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Top 4 HR Trends for 2023 by the father of Modern HR, Dave Ulrich

By | Dave Ulrich |

Top 4 HR Trends for 2023 by the father of Modern HR, Dave Ulrich

Without a doubt, the context of business (physical pandemic to emotional endemic, technological disruptions, political toxicity, social justice, shareholder intangibles) have made “human capability” (talent + leadership + organization + HR) material for all stakeholders.

In this context, we have identified  65 “trends” that HR should attend to.  Many of these “trends” are timely (e.g. hybrid work, quiet quitting, work task management, etc.).  However, I believe there are some timeless trends that will affect 2023 and beyond, including

Connecting Inside to Outside

Any internal HR activities can and should be connected to external stakeholders. Think of any HR activity (e.g., DEI, agile teams, employee experience) and put the trigger “so that” behind it.  So that turns the internal action into external value.  

Any of the HR practices can be linked to customer, investor, and community value. This outside/in logic ensures that HR is not about HR, but about creating value in the marketplace and that the best thing an HR or business leader can give an employee is a company that succeeds in the marketplace. 

With success in the marketplace, employee meaning, learning, and community will not happen.

Harnessing Uncertainty

In the quest for stability, many declare a “new normal” that will permeate work.  More likely, uncertainties will persist … economic inflation or deflation, recession or growth; political conservative or liberal regime; environmental turbulence and disasters; technology and social disruptions.  Finding opportunity in uncertainty is less about predicting what might happen and more about recognizing personal and organizational certainty. 

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