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Top 4 Payroll Services For Companies & Small Businesses 2021

By | Ravi Jain

There are several online payroll companies at present, and choosing the best one is often challenging. You will first have to analyze your requirements regarding the functionality and features that are essential for your business.

To make things easier for you, we are listing the four best payroll services for 2021. The list consists of the ones that proved to be the best after analyzing around 100 reviews. The primary factors considered for rating these payroll services include cost, tools, customer support, and features. 

List of the best payroll services to make 2021 easier for you

Here is a brief overview of the best four payroll services that you can check out. They all come with unique features that can be perfectly suitable for your business. 


ADP online payroll services are presently the market leaders of the payroll industry. Especially, ADP is most suitable for organizations that are spread over multiple locations or complex industries. This platform is now the go-to solution for business owners mainly because it offers a wide range of highly advanced tools that makes payroll management more accessible than ever before. 

ADP offers individual payroll platforms for large, midsize, and small businesses. The Run platform is specially developed to cater to companies with an employee strength of fewer than 50 people. On the contrary, the Now platform particularly for businesses with a workforce ranging from 50 to 999. For organizations with over 1000 employees, the Enterprise version is perfect. You can go through ADP Payroll Services for Small Business Review and their official website for more details. 

There are four preliminary plans that ADP has to offer to business owners and organizations. They are:

  • Essential
  • Enhanced
  • Complete
  • HR Pro

The diversity and flexibility that ADP offers are what make it rule the market for years consecutively. 


Paychex offers a powerful cloud-based platform for business owners payroll processing services, tax obligations, and other HR-related benefits. A user can either access the Paychex platform directly or download the dedicated mobile app for the same. An advantage here is that the Paychex app is available in both Android and iOS versions. Therefore, it is possible to clear payments of anyone who works for you via Paychex, whether they are 1099 contractors or W-2 workers. 

Paychex caters to both large and small businesses and offers three primary service plans. Moreover, the payment methods on Paychex are customizable, which includes debit cards, paper checks, and direct deposits.

Here are the three primary Paychex plans that you may check out. 

  • Go
  • Flex Select
  • Flex Enterprise


This is an Intuit presentation that caters to all types of businesses and their tax or payroll-related services. Much like ADP, Quickbooks is a 100% cloud-based platform. As a result, there is no requirement to install software or downloading any app.

You can simply log in to your portal on the internet and access payroll features or make payments and more. Every employee can sign up to the Quickbooks portal and have their IDs and passwords. Therefore, every time, a person will have to put in the login credentials and check the PTO accruals, pay history, and stubs. 


Another very popular payroll service platform with a wide range of HR tools too. This platform is also cloud-based and can take care of your payroll processing and tax management. It can also perform HR jobs on your behalf. For example, doing staff management, or taking care of health insurance, and more. The primary Gusto plans include Core, Complete, Concierge, and Contractor. 

You can go through the reviews and official websites of all of the payroll as mentioned above services before finalizing your decision. Check the plans, rates, convenient features, and more to find out what is best for you. 


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