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Top 4 plagiarism checker tools that gives more accurate results

By | Branson tachao

Modern days have solved the problem of humansmost uniquely. Hundreds of online tools are present on search engines that are making the tasks simpler and easier.

The concept of generating new ideas is getting faded because of these tools.

People prefer to use the ideas of other authors in a new style instead of generating a new one – Some folks may disagree with this statement.

We all know that the main reason behind advanced technology is the new ideas that people generate in their minds.

But still, some writers copy the ideas of other authors for multiple reasons. Students also try to copy the work of their fellows to avoid the penalties.

You may escape from a human eyes due to the plagiarized content, but when your content comes in the machine, it detects the duplicated data very soon.

Writers get punishment for this duplication and their websites get de-ranked on search engines.

To get rid of this problem and make the text free of duplication, there is an option to use a plagiarism checker that can highlight the copied lines in the article.

What are plagiarism checkers?

Plagiarism checkers are online tools that scan the entire document and take out copied data from the text that is taken from other sources.

Writers can remove those duplicated lines from the text and make it free of duplication.

These online duplication detectors have huge access to online databases where they match every line on search engines and figure out plagiarized lines.

Multiple online tools are helpful for the users in this term as they can make the text unique and make its SEO better to improve SERP.

Top online plagiarism checkers

Writers often get confused to select the best online tool that can help them to detect the copied data in the text.

They are in the search of advanced tools that can read the articles deeply and extract every small duplicated line so they can make the text unique.

Here we will provide a list of the best online plagiarism detectors that can help them to figure out plagiarized content and generate accurate results for them.


The plagiarism checker by editpad is one of the top online tools that scan the data thoroughly and match every line on the search engine.

Users prefer to use this tool because of the accurate results that it provides while detecting plagiarism.  Here we will discuss some top features of this plagiarism checker.

·         Percentage graph

When the tool stops scanning the document, it gives a graph in which users can figure out how much copied data they have added to the content.

It gives a percentage chart where the unique and plagiarized content is mentioned separately.

·         Provide a source of duplication

When the text is scanned and plagiarized data is highlighted, it provides the source as proof from where the data was taken from.

It helps the writers to check those webpages and change their content from those sources to make the text unique.

·         Multiple files supportive

Users don’t need to copy the text from other pages and paste it on this tool. They can directly upload the documents in this online tool.

It supports multiple file formats that make it easier for the users to scan their documents here and make them free of plagiarism.

·         Download reports

After removing the duplicated lines from the article and making it free of plagiarism, you can download new files from there.

Just click on the download button and it will save the new documents on your device.


It is another online plagiarism detector that can scan the entire document deeply and take out copied lines from the text.

Users can remove those lines from the text and make the article unique for the readers. Here are some positive points of this duplication checker.

·         Simple interphase

The interphase of this amazing plagiarism checker is very simple and users can easily understand the working of every feature quite easily.

·         Upload documents

One more option that users get while using this tool is that they can upload documents directly on this online tool.

It provides this facility so users don’t have to copy the content and paste it into the plagiarism box.

·         Deep search

When the text is inserted in this top duplication detector, it studies the content thoroughly search it on different databases on search engine.

It helps to scan the report deeply and take out every small single line from the text that is taken from other sources.

·         Free to use

All of the features of this tool are free for the users. Either you are using the advanced features or are at a basic level, it provides everything for free.

There is no need to get registered before using this tool. You can scan unlimited documents in a single sitting using this online tool.


In the list of top duplication detectors, it takes place among the best tools because of the features it provides to the users.

This fast plagiarism checker is very easy to use. Here we will discuss the top features of this amazing tool.

·         Advanced technology

This top online tool is specially designed to remove duplication from the content.

It is developed by using an advanced algorithm that scans the document deeply and extracts the duplicated lines.

·         Accurate reports

The results generated by this online tool are accurate and reliable. It matches every line of the document deeply and providesa source of plagiarism.

Users can compare their content with the provided sources and remove the copied lines from there to make it free of duplication.

·         Fast results

This advanced tool is very fast in its working and provides the results in no time. When a user uploads the content in the plagiarism box, it scans the document.

After it, the tool provides the results instantly so users can make their workflow fast.

·         Easy process

The working of this top tool is very simple and users can easily understand the working of every feature of this tool.

You have to upload the content in the box and it will scan the document to take out duplication from it.

4.      Seowagon

Unique content is the first thing that can help to make the text fully optimized and can get better rankings on search engines.

This online tool is full of advanced features and here we will discuss some of the best.

·         Helps to improve SEO

The tool matches every sentence of the article on SERP and takes out copied lines that can decrease the worth of content.

Here it helps to remove the duplication and improve the SEO of content.

·         User-friendly

This online tool is very user-friendly with simple interphase that is understandable by every user. You have to upload the documents there.

After making the content unique, there you can download the reports.

·         Compatible everywhere

Users can get this top tool on any platform. Either you are using it on mobile or laptop, it is supported everywhere.

You can get equal speed and features at every platform that is compatible everywhere.

·         Secure and reliable

Most of the users worry about security before using an online tool. This tool is very reliable in terms of security.

It provides full safety to the users’ data and makes this tool trustworthy for them.

Final words

Before uploading the content on search engines, it is essential to make it free of duplication. Otherwise, you may be penalized by search engines and lose your ratings.

To escape these bad factors and make the text free of duplication you can use a free plagiarism checker that can detect copied lines in the text.

The duplication detectors we discussed in this article, are free to use and can scan the documents deeply with authentic results.

You can get help from these online tools to make your text unique for the readers and improve the SERP.

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