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Top 4 priorities that CHROs need to address in the new normal

In the new normal, CHROs are required to navigate the new reality, develop enhanced HR strategies and ensure employee goals are aligned with organisational growth objectives to create a win-win environment

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By Ajay Tripathi

The concept “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” was experienced in its true sense during the pandemic. Organisations resorted to work-from-home models, and rigid norms about physical presence in cubicles were completely dissolved. In fact, remote working enhanced synchronization amongst teams, specifically in enterprises having operational centres spread across geographies.

Remote working models have, therefore, paved the way for a more inclusive, equitable and diverse workforce environment in organisations – resulting in a greater sense of oneness that extends beyond the immediate teams.Given this scenario, here are the top four priorities that CHROs need to address in the new normal times:

1. Workplace Experience

Amid the shift to remote working, first priority for CHROs will be to ensure employees’ workplace experience matches with their respective organisation’s overall culture and growth strategy.

For example, adopting hybrid work models can provide employees the opportunity to take ownership of deciding their own work location which may positively impact their productivity and engagement levels. However, inadequate infrastructure at employees’ home may negatively impact their productivity and engagement. CHROs are, therefore, required to ensure optimum resource accessibility for each employee to work from anywhere in a safe, healthy and productive way. Not every gambler is prepared to spend a lot of cash at online casinos and this is normal. For such players who are willing to try casino games with a small deposit our friends from have put together a rating of no minimum deposit casinos. People may play there with $10 and receive a bonus.

Once resource accessibility becomes uniform across employees, the next task for CHROs will be to inculcate the organisation’s culture among employees, in-line with the company’s overall values and beliefs. As the work moves outside the controlled office environment, sustaining the organisation’s values amongst employees could be achieved through strategizing a secure and reliable engagement model. It will result in enhancing collaboration amongst various stakeholders within the employee universe. It shall enable seamless connectivity amongst all mediums or platforms, such as business email, intra-corporate chat, video conferencing capabilities and Wi-Fi support for connected devices. It will also facilitate in creating warmth amongst team colleagues, as well as mitigate risks related to low morale and productivity, through an effective social interaction.

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