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Top 5 Employee Skills for 2016 – TOI Online

Source | LinkedIn : By Mohit Gundecha

Technology has become man’s new best friend, as it allows us to do more with less and solves the efficiency problem. In such a scenario, it is always the work efficacy of the individual that constantly needs to get better. And with great technology comes the need to adapt to the behaviors and attitudes that nurture the digital change. Here are a few behavioral attributes that will help people to be on top of their game.

1. Multi-potentiality: Many of us were taught in school against being ‘Jack of all trades and master of none!’ However, today’s digital environment allows you to be ‘Jack of All Trades and Master of Many!’ And that’s the definition of multi-potentiality. One needs to demonstrate the learning agility to take on multiple responsibilities across different functions to be a successful professional. Being a multi-potentialite enhances one’s ability to pull off more load than usual!

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