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Top 5 HR trends which will transform your organisation in 2019

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  • To help achieve the same, here are some trends that have emerged in the HR landscape and are set to redefine organisational culture across the globe.

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The importance of Human Resources (HR) in an organisation cannot be undermined. From strategic management and payroll/compensation structures to benefit analyzation, risk management, and even monitoring compliance-HR operations maintain and control all these aspects for both an enhanced workforce experience as well as strengthened business operations.

Even beyond these operations, having an HR team becomes necessary to monitor and ensure that quality balance is being maintained in the employees’ lives. All of this makes the role of HR highly important and strategic in management of organisational culture and environment.

HR trends: New technologies

Newer technologies have undoubtedly impacted and advanced every domain on a global scale, and HR is no exception. There are several applications of technologies in HR operations which can lead to an augmented experience throughout the entire employee lifecycle, right from hiring to off-boarding.

While this does not mean that HR is doing away with its ‘human’ aspect by introducing technology, but these advancements are certainly bringing about an ease and efficiency to the same.

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