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Top 5 most epic social media fails ever

Source | LinkedIn : By Steve Blakeman

Scott Disick, the tinseltown clown kicked to the kerb by the Kardashian clan, has recently tried to reinvent himself as an icon of Instagram. Unfortunately,Dipsh*t Disick, clearly hasn’t quite figured out how to use the social platformproperly given his latest post…

Evidently the Bootea protein shake brand had paid Dipstick Disick to be associated with the fading star (lord knows why) and given him explicit instructions on what time to post a picture plus a very precise message to go with it. Presumably, he was simply meant to write Keeping up with the summer workout routine with my morning @booteakuk protein shake!” but unfortunately D*ckwad Disick clearly copied and pasted the full message and forgot to delete the brand sponsored guidance of “Here you go, at 4pm EST, write the below. Caption:”

Awkward. Now, beyond my sheer incredulity that D*ckhead Disick has 16 million followers on Instagram and the even more astonishing revelation that brands even wish to be associated with him (and will pay up to $20,000 for a single tweet) it got me wondering what other spectacular social media fails exist out there in the ether. So, after a little digging around on that interweb thingy, I have compiled a little listicle of my own top 5 epic social fails which simply make me slack-jawed:

The Fake Beheading – if you were asked to contribute to a team building exercise at work, at what point would you mention to your fellow workmates that conducting a fake Isis-style video execution was probably not the most sensible option? Maybe at the exact time that the stupid bugger who suggested it shared his thoughts? Well that evidently didn’t occur to any of the 6 HSBC bankers from Birmingham in the UK who gleefully dressed up one of their colleagues in an orange jumpsuit whilst the rest of them donned black tracksuits and balaclavas. They then proceeded to film a mock execution and post it on various social channels. The result? They were all fired. Funny that.

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