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By | Elise Parker

It doesn’t matter if you bought your dish set at Walmart or your got them from a favorite aunt at your wedding, breaking a dish is never fun. When you are moving, one of the things that can happen is that a few or even all of your dishes can break. This can be heartbreaking and annoying. To avoid this unfortunate incident, packing your dishes carefully while moving is very important. The following tips will help you move successfully without breaking a few.

How to pack dishes for moving

  • Line the box

Before putting your dishes in the box or rack, ensure that it is properly cushioned against shock by lining it with packing paper. For boxes, give at least 6 inches of lining between the box and your plates. Instead of folding, crumble the paper to get more cushion effect.

  • Pack each dish separately

Do not make the mistake of using one wrapping paper for two or more dishes. Pack each dish separately with its own packing material. Lay the material on a flat surface, place the dish in the middle and wrap the material around it securing it in the middle with a tape.

  • Packing the dishes

Always stack the dishes vertically. When packing your dishes, most people stack the dishes flat in a box. While this may seem rational, it is not the best thing to do. The Reason is because, during transit, the plates are constantly moving against each other and the friction may lead to breakage and cracks. This may happen even if each plates are packed with packing paper. Instead, pack them vertically in the box securing the extra spaces with towels or socks such that they are not touching each other at all. Also, Make sure to use enough tape under the boxes to prevent the box from caving out under the weight of the dishes.

  • Stack them well

First, do not pack too many dishes in one box as this is a recipe for disaster. You do not want all your eggs in one basket – literally! Take out a box that is neither too big nor too small and pack a few dishes into it at a time. Pack the heavier dishes on the bottom and the lighter ones on top or better still, stack it vertically whenever you can.

  • Fill out extra spaces

Once your dishes have been wrapped and stacked, the remaining task is to ensure that they have little or no movement during the move. Fill any remaining space with clothes or balled up paper for extra protection. Once done, seal off the boxes with tape and label it FRAGILE so that the New York movers can identify it when they see it.

Other Packing materials that can be used to pack dishes

  • Restaurant Racks or dish racks

Dish racks are perhaps the best way to transport your dishes. Dish racks are heavy duty racks with individual spaces for dishes. With the dish racks, each dish is standing individually and secure such that even during move, they is minimal risk of breakage. The rack has extra padding that acts as a shock absorber.

  • Clothes and Towels

Clothes and towels are a great substitute other expensive packing materials. Many people make use of newspapers while picking dishes but towels and clothes can substitute for this. For one, they are thicker and add more cushion than other packing materials. They are also less expensive as old t-shirts or dishcloths can be used for this purpose.

  • Paint Buckets

Paint buckets can serve as the perfect material for packing dishes. They are the perfect size for a moderately size dish and they can also be bought in different sizes. Each dish can be wrapped and stacked. The buckets are sturdy and won’t allow for much movements of the plates while in transit. Also, there is no risk of having the bottom remove as with cardboard boxes.

To conclude, always take your time while packing your dishes. You can toss your clothing anyhow in your box and they would still get to their destination intact but dishes are not like that. A little attention to detail can save you money and pain when your beloved dish set breaks.



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