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Top 7 Brand Building Ideas For Professional Service Firms

By | Rebecca Siggers | Content Blogger

Beyond merely a memorable logo, good branding works to build customer recognition, gives a competitive edge in the market, and enhances credibility.

So, what exactly is a brand? Well, it’s the process that involves coming up with a specific logo, image, and name of a particular company, service, or product. As mentioned earlier, it helps in building customer recognition, usually through advertising with a consistent theme.

There is also brand building that will spiral the growth of your business when done the right way. Now, brand building doesn’t happen overnight, even if you involve IT support Houston. It’s an intricate process that requires an ongoing effort to generate awareness about your business using campaigns and strategies to create a unique lasting image in the marketplace.

So, which brand-building ideas can you apply in your professional service firm? Here are seven great ideas for effectively increasing the strength of your brand.

1.  Partner With Prominent Organizations

In today’s fast-paced business environment, a solo approach cannot be considered the best strategy for growth. That’s why a partnership is a powerful tool for building your professional services brand.

 Well known and established business organizations are good partnering candidates. The logic here is to get partners with a similar audience to your firm but don’t provide competing services.

Partnering here is not merely about sponsoring events. Sure, sponsorships are usually thought of as brand building strategies. However, they are more expensive and less efficient compared to project partnerships. Consequently, sponsorship doesn’t cut the list.

In this case, consider starting a special education program or a research project together. Doing this will catapult your business to another level since a high profile and innovative project is a potent brand-building strategy.

2.  Focus on Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about providing useful information to potential influencers or clients consistently. It’s more educational rather than promotional and is inclined towards visibility, relevance, and reputation.

In the long run, potential clients study how you approach problems through the content you produce and eventually gain trust in your company, product, or services. When they need help, your company is on top of their list.

Therefore, content marketing relies heavily on getting clients by sharing something meaningful instead of selling your stuff. Here are some of the most efficient ways to get the most out of content marketing:

  • Create an email newsletter
  • Draft a content strategy
  • Commit to going viral
  • Build a branded blog

3.  Look for High Profile Clients

There are several successful professional services that have been established on reputations made with just one renowned brand name. Systematically seeking out high profile clients and working on producing exceptional results that can be widely shared is a fantastic brand-building strategy.

It’s a no brainer that everyone wants top-notch clients and exemplary results. Ironically, few firms will go the extra mile of carrying out the planning and investment to turn that urge into a reality. Also Powerful Rackmount Server stores client’s data with high safety.

For instance, if a contract prevents a company from promoting their work after landing a high profile client, a brand-building opportunity is lost. It’s best to make results a deliberate branding strategy to avoid such a scenario.

4.  Create A Robust Social Media Presence

Social media is an excellent tool for interacting with influencers and sharing information relevant to your industry. Your customers are already on social media, and if you’re not speaking directly to your audience through platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, and Facebook, you’re missing out!

Excellent marketing on social media or SEO Expert can bring remarkable success to your business. However. To dominate the social media space, you have to do more than participating on an occasional basis.

To be ahead of the park, investing in resources that will give you a dominant presence is the best way to go about this.

The good news is that most professional services are still in the initial stages of adopting social media as a branding strategy. As a solo professional or an owner of a small firm, it’s possible to become a significant online voice within several target client groups. Most solo professionals and small firms have created strong online brands this way.

5.  Public Relations

It’s important to note that Public Relations and Brand Building go hand in hand. However, most companies tend to shift their focus on advertising rather than harnessing the energy of PR. It’s more like building a house without a foundation.

PR plays a long-term role in creating a positive perception of new brands. In this day and age, we live in a more communication conscious society. People are regularly exposed to several commercial messages. For a brand to take off the ground into the much-saturated marketplace, the brand must command favorable publicity in the media, aside from other factors.

Here are the powers of PR in brand building:

  • Most people attach more credibility to what is communicated through PR compared to what they see on adverts.
  • PR creates the environment for brand exhibition, brand after-sale services, brand activation, and brand education.
  • PR can be an effective tool for managing and mitigating brand related crises.
  • PR inspires action, changes perspectives, and shapes opinions about brands.

It is worth noting that before using PR for brand building, ensure your brand is unique, novel, and has a story to tell.

6.  Search Engine Optimization

SEO and Brand Building intertwine in online marketing. Both have similar purposes: They are intended to get as many links as possible. As the approach is different in both circumstances, they complement each other perfectly.

SEO can help a business not only win clients by grabbing top search engine rankings but doing it in a manner that (through meta descriptions and optimized title) narrates the story that prospects can relate to.

To your prospects, high rankings translate to high quality. Usually, more consumers carry due diligence before they buy. It’s worth noting that their buying decision is also affected by what they read on your pages and not just the top rankings.

That’s why you should always be in charge of your SEO branding since not doing so can become a costly mistake. Conversely, doing it right can be very profitable.

Look at it this way: when happy clients share your links with hundreds of friends, the message will spread to countless prospects at zero advertising costs.

7.  Focus on Video Marketing

Brand building using video marketing is a hot topic, and there’s a good reason for this. Your brand is, without a doubt, a valuable asset that your company owns. That’s why it needs video marketing. It’s an efficient way of creating campaigns and strategic storytelling content.

Additionally, it’s great for SEO and is 50 times more likely to be shared on the first page of google than the traditional web page.

As you can see, if you’re not already making exceptional video content for your audience, you’re falling behind. The good news is that it has never been easier to make video content. You no longer need to hire a videographer and sit through countless revisions of the same video.

To record excellent HD quality videos, all you need is a smartphone and a simple online video editor to create a very engaging video.

By producing quality video content regularly, you’re keeping your brand relevant and growing your brand audience. Most, if not everyone prefers doing business with someone they trust. In the long haul, this strategy creates a relationship with your audience. This, in turn, cements trust with your audience and can be leveraged when the need arises.

The Bottom Line

Usually, the best overall brand building strategy is one that can work cohesively with most of the tips mentioned above. However, no strategy is effective unless it’s put into action. Focus on building your brand, and see your business will exponentially grow.




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