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Top 7 Dentist Internet Marketing Strategies to Win More Patients

By | Louise Marie

Effective online advertising for dental services is more difficult than you think. Even if it’s done digitally, consumers still need to feel and experience the genuine connection of human emotions with your content.

However, with so many dental clinics in the area, how can you make sure that yours will stand out? Well, with these tried and tested internet marketing strategies, your dental practice will be the talk of the town in no time.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Social media sites have launched numerous successful businesses in the past decades. If done right, gaining organic traffic for your dental practice would no longer be as slow and difficult as you imagine, given the stiff competition. Here are a few of the online advertising tips to boost your ranking in the market:

  1. Upgrade Facebook Ads

Most dental clinics are dependent on nearby loyal customers. The closer you are to your patients, the more likely that they’ll visit you. These are usually synchronized family appointments that are arranged for scheduling convenience.

Instead of going to different clinics for every member of the household, they can turn to a single reliable dentist that holds their records. So, how do they know that you are the right fit for them?

With Facebook’s local awareness ads, you’ll be able to optimize your ads within the vicinity. Having your posts show up randomly to people in another province or country won’t do your practice any good. If you’re advertising your sedation dentistry in Burlington, focus on reaching those living in Burlington.

Targeting the location of your audience helps you gain natural traction in the community and stay relevant to them. You can even upgrade your post into a click-to-call ad for direct communication.

2. Reward Recommendations

Studies show that 93% of potential customers are more likely to avail themselves of your dental services when it’s been recommended to them. One of the ways to encourage that behaviour is by giving out referral bonuses.
These are discounts given to patients that have recommended your practice to their relatives and friends. It’s not only a way to encourage positive testimonies but also to express your gratitude for their loyalty. These referral bonuses can come in discount coupons worth at least $10 for dental products and treatments.

3. Go for Online Communication

Emails are a faster way to reach patients who seldom interact on social media platforms. It allows potential patients to contact your clinic more easily.

Once approved, they can even put their dental check-up directly to their Google Calendar, ensuring that they don’t forget their schedule. You can even send in regular emails that remind them of their upcoming appointment or simply tell them of available discounts.

Review sites are also a great way for your customers to interact with other patients. Usually, a 5 or 4-star rating is a convenient scale for customers to determine the quality of your services. However, most review sites are usually exclusively used by a certain demographic — millennials.

4. Use the Keyword “Emergency”

Unlike hospitals and ER’s, dental clinics do not necessarily offer 24/7 services for their patients. This arrangement is a public norm, but as a dentist, you can always offer on-call services and procedures.

One of the best ways to increase the likelihood of prospective customers finding your clinic in the middle of the night is to put up your service hours. This way, the search engine algorithm can quickly single you out.

Using the keyword “emergency” in your ads and content will also help patients who are looking for urgent aid. Using important keywords associated with your services is also helpful. So, if you are one of the dentists offering laughing gas in Guelph vicinity, try incorporating it into your content.

5. Be on Google Maps

The Global Positioning System (GPS), a sophisticated radio navigation program, has greatly helped in the fields of travel and security. It allows you to accurately determine your location and pinpoint your next destination.

Numerous software programs, from Google Maps to Waze, have used the same system to help netizens better navigate the roads. However, its benefits can also be extended to your dental business.

Setting up an ad on Google Maps and Waze will help you boost your clientele by putting up your location directly in the results when people look for dentists.

It also has the added feature of guiding potential patients right to your doorstep with its state-of-the-art navigating network. So, if you have a nearby clinic in London, patients can just type in “dental sedation in London”, and you’ll be one of the top picks.

6. Be Facebook Friendly

Occupying almost half the shares of the social media industry, Facebook is one of the frontrunners and leading sites when it comes to networking and building communal connections.

With that said, simply putting up a dental ad on your FB page is not enough. With billions of posts shared and uploaded every day, your post might just get buried in the pile. To avoid that, you can always upgrade your Facebook Ad to include Messenger accessibility for faster customer communication.

Once a prospective patient is interested, this upgrade can allow them to message you right away without the hassle of knowing your email and phone number first. Just a simple click and appointments are made.

7. Encourage Revisits

Healthy oral care is best maintained through regular dental visits. Some of the procedures that require multiple appointments are adjustments, cleanings, whitenings, and more. So, how do you remind your patients to come back?

Well, you use remarketing ad techniques. Usually done by going down the list of the patient’s personal contact information, be it their email or contact number. You can send them notifications to advertise early appointment discounts, available schedules, and added services.

Internet marketing is not a simple posting of facts, procedures, and prices; along with it is the establishing of the bond between dentist and patient. That is done best by formulating a company message that best resonates with your target audience.

The more personal it is, the higher the chances of response that you’ll get. So, next time you plan on reaching more customers, think of your company values and incorporate them into your ads.


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