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Top 7 Digital Technology Trends to look out for in 2016

Source | Net Solution : By Rohit Dogra

In 2015, we entered an entirely disruptive and new world. Creating a new business design by blurring the physical and digital worlds, leading to a truly digital business, became the holy grail for businesses across all industries.

Continuing with the trend, in 2016, it is essential for technology providers and CIOs to think differently to help their businesses win in this new era. Here are 7 digital technology trends which will help companies make the hard changes to dramatically improve their chances to win in the digital world.

1. Offering personalized customer interactions and experiences

Forrester predicts that customer experience will be one of the top success factors determining which business wins or fails in the age of the customer. Here, one critical success factor will be the customization of interactions and experiences and not just messages and offers.

In 2016, businesses will invest more in higher quality experiences that speak to lesser number of but more influential audiences, thereby focusing more on quality over quantity.

With targeted advertising, brands can deliver at just the right time. Data tracking is a crucial aspect of creating customized customer experiences. With this, brands can now know when their customers buy; what time, what day, how cold or hot it is outside when they buy and much more. So, if you know that the particular customer would like to have a hot cappuccino when it is snowing outside during office hours on a weekday, shooting an offer to him for a hot cup of coffee on a weekend when it is sunny outside might not be a good idea.

2. Businesses to focus on data-driven design to define their products and business plans

As per SmartInsights, many organizations will use business intelligence tools in 2016 to equip themselves to measure and iterate design by metrics including conversions, click-through rates, AB and multivariate testing.


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