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Top 7 Smart Blinds for Your New Home Décor

By | Rebecca Siggers | Content Blogger

In an increasingly tech-intensive world, smart home technologies are fast becoming the emerging entry to every sphere of life. The Internet of Things revolution has shrunk the list of household chores and introduced smart ways to complete household tasks in an instant. One such new tech addition is Smart Blinds.

With Smart Blinds, one can open and close the blinds automatically in a remote-controlled setting. These blinds also become handy for additional other useful functions like blocking UV rays, automatic room temperature adjustment, preventing loss of heat in a room, and so on. There are many leading brands of Smart Blinds available in the market that are attractive additions for new home décor.

MySmartBlinds Automation Kit:

This smart blind is an eco-friendly and functionally commendable smart blind. It has an efficient solar panel addition to the kit that makes it energy sustainable. The user can mount the panel at the back of the primary mechanism. Once installed, they can use their smartphones to control the blinds without any hassles. It also comes with an app wherein the user can set regular schedules on a daily and weekly timing basis. The blinds also have an energy-saving mode and adequate temperature sensors which automatically opens or closes the blinds to adjust the room temperature at the desired level. The MySMartBlinds Automation Kit also offers admirable compatibility with smart tech tools like Alexa and Google Home.

Soma Smart Home:

Considered to be the best for existing blinds, Soma Home Smart Shades can connect with smart tech tools like Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Google Home. However, it does require a separate controller for full smart home integration. The Smart Shades connects to any window shades with a beaded chain or cord. These little units attach to the wall and are easier to fit. Some of the blinds also have a second edition Smart Shades 2, which is four times faster than the original and makes lesser noise.

Yoolax Motorized Smart Blinds:

The Yoolax Motorized Smart Blinds is one of the best and most well-reviewed products by users worldwide. They are the perfect tech blinds for a modern home as the user can customize them according to the windows’ dimensions. The blinds are made from polyester fabric and deliver 100% blackout in a room. They are available in different colours, including white, dark grey, and lake blue, and users can control them wirelessly with intelligent remote or mobile apps. The blinds are compatible with smart tech tools like Google Home, Alexa, and Siri.

Spring Blinds Blackout Roller Shades

The Spring Blinds Blackout Roller Shades are the best blinds for an effective and quick way to black out the bedroom. The blinds are battery operated cordless smart blinds, and users can control them via remote control with a Li-ion battery. Spring Blinds Blackout is a thick polyester fabric and is apt for areas with extreme heat and sunlight. It can block UV rays from entering the home and reflect them while resisting the heat.

Curtain Call Remote Operated Drapery Blind:

This Curtain Call smart blind system is the best for people who look for heavy drapery. This blind is more of a track fitted on the top of the windows. The blind has mechanized hooks that effectively hold the curtains. So, plugin an RJ12 port, and enjoy a smart device while connecting with Z-Wave and other intelligent network systems. It comes with a simple yet elegant remote with multiple buttons to control the curtains. 

 Lutron Serena Smart Shades

The Serena Smart Shades by Lutron is easy to fit, and one can select from a varied collection of sizes, colours, or roll-type. Users can control the blinds with a Pico remote, through a smartphone, or with the voice command on the smart tech tool. These blinds are energy efficient and save excess energy via the layer of insulation that blocks out the sun. These shades feature a comprehensible design and easy sync with smart tech tools like Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Assistant.

Ikea Fyrstur

Ikea provides a motorized smart blind pair, battery-powered blinds that interact with the intelligent Home Ikea app, and the Trådfri gateway. This further means one can sync them up with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit. Each blind of the Ikea Fyrstur can block out external light to create a dark and private environment. These smart blackout blinds come in eight different ranging from 24 to 49 inches in width. These smart blinds’ installation process is also relatively easy with some moderate amount of handy DIY skills.

When Choosing the perfect smart blinds for a new home ensure to check the blonds’ compatibility with the existing smart devices, preferred motorization, and the desired price range of the user for the blinds. Keeping these factors into consideration, users can check into the varied collection of smart blinds brands and get the perfect one for their new home.

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