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Top 8 Challenges: Technology Industry in the 2020s

By | Gurdeep Hora | MD & Global Practice Leader-Technology; (IRC Executive Search + Synergy Consultants)> Evangelist of Global Indian Talent

Today the Technology Industry is an exciting place to be.

It’s innovating constantly and evolving rapidly, to find solutions for complex business needs. Immense competition is impacting organizations from all directions and balancing the pulls and counter-pulls is a critical task by itself.   

Talking with the Technology Industry experts and leaders recently, we could notice a gradual shift away from how they envisaged major challenges last year. The current decade would be full of surprises.

As per the study, the Top 8 challenges that will have a deep impact in the 2020’s, are:

  1. Privacy, Data Governance, Ethics & Regulation
  2. Management of Big Data
  3. Finding Technology Talent & Realigning Jobs
  4. Digital Transformation of Enterprises
  5. Optimizing AI’s Potential & Risks
  6. Cloud Networks & Infrastructure
  7. Commercializing Technology Innovations

1.    Privacy, Data Governance, Ethics & Regulation

Akin to precious metals, data is a hugely valuable resource. Many Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter etc. gather data and employ it as a strategic business input to develop and monetize it for new revenue streams.

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