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10 Top Benefits of SharePoint for Businesses

By | Evangeline Reece

For those who are still organizing, sharing, and editing company files on outdated and bulky legacy systems, it’s high time to make the most of Microsoft’s SharePoint. For businesses of all shapes and sizes and across industry verticals, there are so many benefits of SharePoint to enjoy.

SharePoint is a web-based app used for sharing documents, advanced search, business intelligence, content collaboration, and so on. The benefits of the platform are compelling enough that over 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies are partnering with a SharePoint development company to leverage and make the most of it.

SharePoint is indeed beneficial to business organizations whatever the industry vertical may be. For those who are still contemplating to integrating the technology into their processes, knowing the exact benefits it could give is important.

Top SharePoint Benefits for Business Organizations and Business Leaders

1. Improved Management of Data

The overwhelming amount of data makes organizing difficult. Also, trying to keep tabs of all that’s happening could be a challenge even for the most competent business leaders. This is where SharePoint comes to help.

With the platform, users are able to control the specific data points they need immediately, without having to sift through so many documents that they don’t need. Furthermore, when using the cloud-based SharePoint Online, the task could be done anytime, anywhere. The SharePoint solution integrates with the Microsoft Office Suite, such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, as well as Microsoft Exchange Servers and Microsoft Unified Communications.

2. Seamless Business Functions

How does a business handle initiating, managing, and reporting common functions? Microsoft’s SharePoint has out-of-the-box workflows that are designed for process automation, and so on. The workflows could be integrated by employees with email programs, web browsers, and client apps for a seamless and consistent user experience.

3. Unequalled Collaboration

Even if a business employs a handful of people, it’s necessary for the members of the team to understand how to collaborate and coordinate. If there’s no access to resources that facilitate this aim, then discord and disarray could easily happen. This is particularly true with document control.

The SharePoint platform has version controls that keep track of every edit made into a document, along with when it happened and the person responsible. And, file access is only allowed for one person at a time to prevent duplication. In real-time, employees could share files and updates, which enhances collaborative efforts.

4. Improved Productivity

It could be frustrating and mind-numbing to devote time during busy working days to search inside filing cabinets or endless sea of folders. When all documents are consolidated onto SharePoint, looking for a document could be done seamlessly with just a few clicks. A business could organize each SharePoint site to include folders and subfolders.

This way, one could go to the source right away, saving precious time. Although this SharePoint feature is extremely helpful to business managers, it could also be equally advantageous to employees as well. They could devote more time to their core tasks when they’re not spinning their wheels to look for the data that they need.

5. Optimal Content Delivery

Behind the scenes, there are several kinds of business users, such as bloggers and media specialists to optimize content strategy. A successful content strategy requires timely staff approvals, edits, and feedback. SharePoint could provide immediate answers to all queries and more.

Furthermore, users could create and submit content for approval within seconds. SharePoint also has document library templates that help in navigating between the original document and the numerous translations easily.

6. Reinforce Security

Advanced security features are among the benefits of the platform that minimizes outages and unauthorized access risks. Workflow upgrades and new authentication enhancements are among the security features. As much as shareability and access to information are optimized, the integrity of data remains reliable.

On a document or item level, other security access and configurations could be set. In a similar way, the collaboration app promises enhanced security for business organizations that handle sensitive data. Various settings could be configured to control storage, shareability, and auditing to help expedite compliance with data security industry regulatory requirements.

7. Extremely Customizable

Another important benefit to SharePoint is its easy customizability, depending on the requirements of a business. Every business has different requirements. A small business, for instance, has different needs than a big company.

This is where customization comes in. When making customized changes to a business website, the intranet site of SharePoint could be changed in terms of design, content, navigation, and features. To make things easier for the staff, you could build a personal User Interface.

Aside from Microsoft 365, SharePoint could also be integrated with other tools, including ERP, CRM, or any other project management software. Customization helps boost productivity and efficiency.

8. Centralized Administration

For business admins, there might be times when they have to adjust the configuration. The process could be a major pain for such a vast platform. Nonetheless, the platform is equipped with a central administration console, making the process easy and simple. Authorized administrators could do all changes in one centralized location instead of clicking through several pages.

The following could be accessed, monitored, and updated on the console:

–                      SharePoint farms

–                      System settings

–                      App management features

–                      SharePoint upgrades

–                      Restorations and backups

–                      General app settings

–                      Security settings

9. Usage Ease and Design Assistance

It’s not necessary to hire web developers to improve a business website or make database management systems. This is because the SharePoint features include the ability to build solutions that meet the business requirements better.

For such tasks, both SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server have APIs or app programming interfaces. An excellent way to cut on costs is to use the development features of SharePoint for building an app.

10. No Development Work Needed

SharePoint includes tools and features that let you plunge ahead without requiring a computer science degree. Whether you need to build your website from scratch, or update an existing website, or build a specialized online tool for the members of the team, this could be done with SharePoint.


Simply put, SharePoint is a highly flexible, versatile, robust, and secure web-based document management and collaboration system powered by Microsoft. The platform uses different tools and apps that streamline business processes. For businesses looking to integrate the platform into their processes, a SharePoint development company could provide excellent services.

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