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Top Food Blogging Tips for Growing Your Instagram Followers

By | Karen Anthony

Are you a food blogger and looking for more followers on Instagram? If so, you are reading the right article. You are a passionate food blogger, eat at restaurants, share recipes, and write about your experiences in your blog. Then, you want to increase more likes and fan following through social media platforms such as Instagram, the best photo-sharing platform to take your blog to the next level.

You inspire numerous people through healthy recipes and fusion foods. Food blogging is not only your profession but also your hobby. There are many food Instagrammers you can follow for inspiration.

According to an article published on, there is huge demand for food posts on Instagram and popular among bloggers, chefs, as well as home cooks.Here are some of the best food blogging tips for increasing your Instagram followers:

There are many food Instagrammers you can follow for inspiration. If you want to become one of them then you can purchase instagram likes from iDigic as well.

Take good photos with perfect lighting

A great photo depends on the light in a room and therefore, you need to look for a spot for that perfect lighting. Shoot when there is natural light, use a reflector, and avoid direct sunlight.

No direct sunlight: Shooting under direct sunlight will give you too many shadows in the snapshots. Again, the colors would come out in quite a different way. You can shoot in sunny weather provided if you have a diffuser and place it in front of a dish to guard it against sunlight so that you get perfect diffused light.

Natural lighting: Shoot during daytime and not at night with the kitchen lights switched on. Do not use flash to click photos, as it will damage your photo. You can place your plate of chicken pasta drizzled with harissa sauce close to a big window for good lighting. Shoot when the sky is a bit cloudy to get perfect diffused light.

Reflector: You can place the reflector on the other end of a dish so that the light is reflected on that dish. You will get affordable reflectors on online shopping stores easily. Click brighter pictures with fewer or no shadows!

Use social media

You can become a food blogger on the photo-sharing social media platform Instagram by building engagement with people in the food niche. You will need to spend considerable time on like other posts and commenting on their recipes to drive engagement. This way, it will help you get the attention you deserve, as people will start noticing you and your Instagram page will receive engagement in return.

Then, do not make comments like ‘nice photo’ or ‘awesome food.’ These comments are impersonal. Read the photo captions of other food bloggers and write a comment that makes sense. Start a conversation. Watch Instagram Stories and reply to them. It would help to start a conversation and know the individuals behind the scenes. You too can build Instagram engagement in your page through blastup, a platform to help you garner real likes from real people, who’re active on this social media site.

Use a DSLR camera for the best photos

Did you know that the top and successful food bloggers use DSLR cameras for clicking the best pictures? Yes, this is a necessity because you will not find a professional food blogger without this camera. If you are serious about food blogging and photography, use a DSLR camera to stand out from the rest.

These days, smartphones have good camera quality and you can use it on the go. Then, a DSLR will make the real difference to differentiate between professionals and hobby bloggers.

You can use a Nikon D7500, which is a good camera if you are a serious food blogger. You can use a 35mm.1.8 lens or for that matter, a 50mm 1.8. These lenses will let you get a stunning depth, effect, and you can shoot near to the object, a delicious dish, of course.

Go to food parties

When you are busy in your food niche, you have seen how others in the industry throwing parties and inviting people to join the gathering and savor delicious dishes. You can throw parties when your Instagram page garners 10k or more followers to celebrate the achievement. The benefit is for those throwing the party as well as for those attending the same to increase their reach and exposure.

When you are at such parties, make sure you tag the host in the photos and captions. It will help your followers know about your Instagram profile so that they can like, comment, and follow. If a big host profile features your post, especially in stories as well as the winners on the Instagram feed, it will help you gain maximum exposure. It will help you develop a relationship with popular food bloggers and influencers on Instagram. Try attending more parties and you will gain exposure and followers when you tag the influencers.

Style your food and then take pictures

The delicious dishes you cook should presentable and therefore, food styling is extremely important for stunning Instagram photos. Your followers should have the desire to eat after seeing your food photos or videos on Instagram. You can use small cookies, flowers, fruit pieces, sprinkles, and neat-sliced vegetables for decorating your dishes. The way you present the foods can make it or break it.

Make your dishes look appealing quickly. You can have a unique blog post about food styling and presentation. Share the same on your Instagram profile.

Post consistently

You can post high-resolution Instagram photos consistently. Make sure you create a schedule of posts, such as how many times in a week you post your content. This way, your Instagram followers would know when and how frequently they would expect your posts. Post at least four times every week and not like not posting at all for weeks and then posting food pictures every day in a row. It will confuse your followers. If you fail to post daily, stick to four times a week.


Try these tips and make the best use of Instagram to take your food blog to another level. Garner more likes, comments, and keep the conversation going. It will help you in building engagement.

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