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Top Managers’ Performance should be reviewed by third Party

Source | LinkedIn : By TV Rao

The styles of top level managers can have a enabling or crippling effect on all employees down the line. It begins with the immediate next level and spreads to the bottom layers. While many top level managers get things done, often the question, “at what cost” is ignored. I know the CEO of a company who has consistently had a demoralising effect on his juniors. However he is so powerful and delivered results that no one dared to touch him. Enormous amounts of human energies had to be spent on coping up with his demands. The Chairman and Board of the company merely reviewed quarter on quarter and were happy with the results and felt that he is doing a good job. When results were down it was attributed to market conditions. Employee attrition was treated as a part of the trend. Little did the Chairman or the Board realise the human potential wastage at the senior levels and eroding employee good will. When the Board changed and a new Chairman arrived a routine chats with the other senior managers indicated that the company could have grown a lot more if only the various suggestions of other top level managers were listened to,  a few years back. It also came out that most top level managers gave up even suggesting new ideas or pointing out issues, and passed on their suggestions to others outside the company. Some of the competitors who got hold of senior managers started new products and explored new avenues of marketing and slowly erosion of the good will has begun to take shape. This was a great revelation to the Chairman and his new team who found it difficult to correct the CEO. A suggestion for 360 Degree Feedback was stage managed by the CEO using managers he liked. The new Chairman felt that the previous chairman has not done his job, over trusted the CEO and his presentations. The new Chairman could at least start a Board review of each of the 11 top level managers and horrified to discover the extent to which the talent of the top level managers was crippled by the CEO. Unfortunately all this was done by the CEO with good intention of delivering results! Nobody dared to bell the cat as the CEO has been all powerful and delivered results.

There are many intangibles that get built as organisation progresses. These include employee good will. This can come only when OCTAPACE (Openness, Collaboration, Trust and trustworthiness, Authenticity, Proaction, Autonomy and Experimentation) values are followed to a good extent. All CEOs claim to be open and transparent. However their juniors should also feel so. A good way to ensure is to have an external review of each and every top level manager using review discussion with the next level juniors and on values, styles and culture.  Don’t wait until your “Result giving CEO or Top Level Manager leaves to discover the damage he has done with good intentions. Delivering good results can have many side effects. Catch them and deal with them before they create new diseases to deal with.

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