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Top recruitment and tech execs give their tips for getting ahead at work

By | Vicky McKeever |

Executives at leading recruitment and technology companies have shared with CNBC their top tips for getting ahead in the workplace.

Workers continue to hold most of the cards in the labor market, with the “Great Resignation” still underway. Nevertheless, it’s still important to understand the best ways to maximize your opportunities at work, particularly if we are set to face a recession in the near future.

Speaking to CNBC’s Karen Tso on a panel at this year’s World Economic Forum summit in Davos, Switzerland, Rebecca Henderson, CEO of global businesses at human resource services firm Randstad, urged women in particular to negotiate and ask for they want.

“You’re still in a very strong negotiating position, particularly skilled workers, and my best advice is to be very upfront with what you want and ask for it,” she said.

Indeed, a survey by Fidelity Investments published in May found that 85% of Americans who tried to negotiate on the compensation they were offered for a new job, got at least some of what they asked for.

Meanwhile, Harry Moseley, global co-chief information officer at video conferencing software firm Zoom, believed it was important to be passionate, purposeful and enthusiastic, as well as encouraging workers to take risks.

“I am in my role at Zoom because of the risks that I took much earlier in my career,” he said, adding that people shouldn’t be intimidated to take chances.

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