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Top Skills for 2021

In-Demand Skills for the Most Important Jobs

Source | | ROB SENTZ

Last week we talked about the seven most important job categories for the US in 2021: logistics, healthcare, tech, core business functions, education, skilled trades, and public safety. But what are the top skills required to do these jobs?

In this post we identify the top skills for 2021, based on the skills requested or required in hundreds of thousands of job postings during 2019-2020. These in-demand skills fall into three categories:

  1. Human skills
  2. Technical skills
  3. Hybrid skills 

A few quick definitions.

Technical skills are easy to define and are usually taught in the classroom. Java script, Excel, accounting, plumbing, cybersecurity, surgery—think of the abilities to perform discrete tasks that require specialized domain knowledge. 

Hybrid skills are just what they sound like: skills that ride the fence, blends of both human and technical skills. For example: operations, strategic planning, or business acumen.

It’s the idea of human skills that can be tricky to grasp. They’re also (frequently) underestimated or taken for granted. Human skills are abilities that we commonly associate with the labor market outcomes of humanities or liberal arts grads.

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