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Top Ten Ways Bosses Annoy Their Team Members

Source | LinkedIn : By Colin Gautrey 

Having sifted through hundreds of responses and comments over the last few weeks, I am now able to reveal the top ten things that annoy people about their boss.

You can use this list as a boss, to score yourself, do some self-reflection and perhaps, begin to mend your ways. On the other hand, you might be inclined to give yourself a nice pat on the back. If so, watch out for that old twin demons of delusion and complacency.

Alternatively, maybe you are getting a little annoyed with your boss at the moment? If so, use this list to begin thinking constructively about what is going wrong and what you want to change. Remember it takes two to tango, so start to think about what you can do to begin improving the situation.

Without further ado, here are the ten most common annoyances with bosses, in reverse order:

No. 10: Lack of Friendliness. To some this may seem a little strange, it is work after all. Team members quite like being treated as if they were human, so excessive task focus can spoil this vital relationship. And it is important. In fact, research suggests that not getting on with the boss is the number one people quit their jobs. 

No. 9: Narcissist and Self-Serving. Everyone has an agenda, and bosses are well within their rights to be driving forward their careers. This complaint arises when this is taken to the extreme, at the expense of the team members. When you add an over-inflated ego into the mix, you could have a major problem on your hands.

No. 8: Playing Favourites and Lack of Recognition. You are on a hiding to nothing if you expect everyone to be given equal treatment – that just doesn’t happen. However, when certain people are favoured far more than others, it often leaves an individual feeling ignored, isolated and not recognised for the contribution they could make. Warranted or not, this one can really stir up bad feeling.

No. 7: Missing in Action (Presumably). Bosses, by virtue of the work they do, have to fly around all over the place meeting people. After all, the higher your rise, the more time needs to be spent influencing people. Spending time with the team, especially informal time, is vital to keep team members feeling valued and appreciated. And, if they don’t know where the boss is, they’ll start to guess and gossip.

No. 6: Dictatorial and Autocratic. Their way or the highway. Orders do sometimes need to be given, and if done well, there is nothing wrong with this. These days however, it should only be used in extreme cases. Many bosses seem to lack this insight, and risk displaying a lack of respect, care and well, competence. 

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