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Tough Questions You Should Always Ask a Hiring Manager

There are more important things to ask before you end with, "so, did I get the job?"

By | Meredith Dietz |

You’ve reached the end of a job interview, or maybe you’ve just been offered a new role. You’re feeling confident. Then, your potential future manager asks if you have any questions for them. How can you tactfully secure critical information about your future boss, directly from your future boss?

Now is the time to give yourself full permission to take on the role of interviewer. It’s not an easy task. You’re well-aware you’re still being judged for a position, but you also want to gain critical insight into your future boss’s values. Asking the right questions can help you both solidify a good impression and come to an informed decision about what it will be like to work with this person.

Below are some tough questions to ask your potential manager that will help reveal whether the work environment is the right one for you.

Can you please tell me a story that illustrates your management style?

Don’t expect to get a meaningful answer from asking someone “what’s your management style?” Think about when someone asks you the dreaded “What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses?” question.

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