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Tradition in the Education of the Future: The Bharatanatyam Story | Gayathri Iyer | TEDxYadavagiriED

Source | YouTube | TEDx Talks

Tradition has often been misunderstood and sidelined, if not left out entirely, in the modern ecosystem of education. One of the most aesthetically pleasing forms of Indian art and tradition is Bharatanatyam, an expressive movement dating back to the ancient era. In a thought-provoking talk, dancer Gayathri Iyer shares her journey of truly understanding tradition in its essence and purpose, thereby revealing the need to interpret and question tradition, practice and preserve it the right way, and incorporate it into its rightful place in the education of the future. Gayathri Iyer is an art historian, dance historian and Bharatanatyam dancer. Raised in New York, she wandered back to India a decade ago in search of Indian art

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