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In times of economic slowdown when techies fear losing jobs, Bengaluru traffic has become another burden. On average, city techies spend close to five hours in traffic every day, spending nearly 20 hours travelling. In June, Bangalore Mirror had extensively written about how techies are moving closer to their workplaces to cut down their travel time. However as this might not be the most feasible option for many, techies are now searching jobs based on their home locations. Some are even giving up good opportunities fearing the Bengaluru traffic. Picking jobs closer to home, they believe, will reduce stress and help them spend more time with their families.

Surjit Konwar, resident of Electronics City Phase 2 said, “Previously I used to drive 80 km to work, spending around six hours in travelling, then nine hours at work. This left me with no time to spend at home and family. I decided to give up that job and began looking for something closer to home. Now I travel only 22 km to and fro every day and manage to save ample time and spend it with family.”

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