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Traits of a Life Long Learner

Source | LinkedIn | Surya Prakash Mohapatra | Global Head- Talent Transformation and Learning & Development at Wipro Digital Operations and Platforms

We all know the importance of Life Long Learning for our personal and professional success. Life long learning involves learning, unlearning and re-learing on an on going basis on the part of learners. While it sounds simple, it is easier said than done. While majority of understand why we need to imbibe life long learning, very few of us actually practice it. What it takes to become a life long learner?

What traits does a life long leaner possess?


She is intrinsically motivated. She doesn’t need any external motivation to learn. She learns for a larger purpose and not for any reward or recognition. Most often, it is the her larger purpose that drives her motivation to learn. She learns for the joy of learning and not for anything else. She is crazy about learning and doesn’t care of about who says what about her mad pursuit of knowledge.

2. Curiosity:

She has child-like curiosity and inquisitiveness. In other words, she approaches any subject with a beginner’s mindset and keeps craving for more and more knowledge. She dives to discover.


She takes ownership for her learning. She doesn’t wait for her employer, mentor or trainer to teach her. She takes on the responsibility of learning. She herself figures out which are her sources of learning- books, websites, MOOCs, videos, journals, articles and so on. She makes the effort to find out her coach, trainer, mentor, guru. She makes the first move. She doesn’t wait for her organization, manager or mentor to enable her learning. In spite of her busy schedule, she takes out time to learn. She seeks feedback from her peers, seniors and others and shows willingness to change.

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