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Transforming Supply Chain Visibility Into Container Management

By | Peter Pace | VP of Business Development at AV Logistics

If there’s anything the business world learned from the pandemic, it’s that supply chain volatility can be extremely costly. Being able to see where shipments are at all times has become not just beneficial, but necessary for proper supply chain management. The rise of e-commerce and next-day shipping has raised the stakes, with consumers expecting near-total visibility into the status of their orders. According to recent surveys, nearly half of consumers say they would not buy from a brand that offers poor visibility into deliveries.

Although many disruptions within the supply chain are outside of anyone’s control — such as extreme weather — there are many ways businesses can improve their processes and be more proactive. Many of these involve the proper collection and application of data. Having the right data ensures greater accuracy and moreefficient operation overall.

For example, maintaining a single point of contact with all partners throughout the supply chain ensures that communications are efficient and free from confusion. Technology also enables you to track containers with greater precision and up-to-the minute information. This makes it possible to optimize routes so shipments arrive faster and delays can be prevented.

It’s also important to identify any information gaps that might exist in your supply chain process and fill them as soon as you find them. The insights you gain through this data can be used to watch your key performance indicators, build actionable reports for making improvements and boost the efficiency of your container management.

Although these steps won’t eliminate all the obstacles keeping your containers from reaching their final destinations on time, they will reduce many of the most common inefficiencies that can disrupt your supply chain. For more ideas about how you can improve your shipping container tracking management through better application of data, take a look at the accompanying resource.


Infographic provided by AV Logistics, container management software

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Peter Pace is VP of Business Development at AV Logistics and an industry veteran with 35 years of experience in all facets of international shipping and intermodal transportation. He is responsible for identifying new opportunities for growth and expansion within the client bases of AV Logistics and its strategic drayage partner, C&K Trucking LLC.

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