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Trauma, Adversity and the Pursuit of Success

Source | LinkedIn | Shayna Durazo | Human Capital Optimizer. Dedicated to Enhancing the Employee Experience

Everyone has a unique story to tell, our story makes us who we are and how we view the world. Adversity is a term that I am familiar with and having an abusive childhood, being neglected, living in poverty, and facing difficulties in my adult life has given me the grit, character, and tenacity to pursue my dreams and help others overcome life’s obstacles. When we face trauma, adversity or challenges it can be quite difficult to find the silver lining. It may take some time to absorb the message but in time it comes. Sharing my story is something I have debated, and I am at a point where I believe that sharing my struggles and how I came out on the other side will help others.

Mindset is everything and amid struggles there is opportunity. One of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein is “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” We must believe that the struggles we go through help us learn, grow and ultimately become better human beings. Sharing my story and my struggles is to help to spread the message of strength and power. We can overcome anything if we choose. The power of the human spirit is an amazing thing and with perseverance anything is possible. We can all get back up every single time we are knocked down. Take the time you need but get back up and get back to it. While I have been through much trauma and adversity, I am grateful for it and have learned so much about myself and others. I would not trade the hardships encountered as they created wisdom, knowledge and now a calling to help others who are struggling.

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