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Treat Customer as human not God be fair as kings don’t Bargain

Source | LinkedIn | Rajessh Deb Roy | Director |Global Product Management Ambassador | AIPMM USA

90% consumers willing to spend more, for better service

Ninety per cent of Indian consumers are willing to spend more for better customer service – on average, 22 per cent more – according to 2011 Global Customer Service Barometer, a 10-nation annual study by American Express. This number has grown from 76 per cent last year.Forty per cent of respondents said they were willing to spend over 20 per cent more than they were paying currently, for services from companies they believed provided ‘excellent customer service’.You would be thinking why such an old data in new economy as old is gold at present it turns out to be more than 99% customers expect best out of every penny spent .

Customer is God I would call it client is God however lets not be unfair to the very statement as Client is God .Please be informed on certain things which i often think and see Client always being their present while God is invisible .Client is not God he is Human too .The very concept of fearing client to the core is the reasons of all the things which you at times over do to make normal thing look ugly as you want to go that extra mile to make him happy which at times they are found not digesting as appetite remains in stay normal keep doing your task instead of wow keep mowing somehow .Client is always changing sometimes happy some time sad thats what all this circle of behaviour is all about it is more on ups and down with high demanding expectations on ground .Focus on positive while change occurs when saidstic expectations starts ruling your site more gets into micromanaging poking & stroking well oiled machine instead rubbing your egos with walls

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