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The true secrets to staying hungry for success

Source |  |  BY:Vartika Kashyap. Marketing Manager at ProofHub

There is a world of difference in being successful and staying hungry for success. There are plenty of examples of people who really could not keep up their drive for success when it matter. This is the reason that they ended up from being success stories to forgotten faces.

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I recently read about one of the people who joined Facebook in its first year of inception – Noah Kagan. Being the 30th employee to join the rapidly growing company, taking success for granted and not knowing what he was doing prevented him from being a billionaire to someone who is trying to get as rich as possible.

This is not to say that he was not hungry for success. But this is just to exemplify that at one point in his career he lost his focus to stay hungry for success and ended up becoming just an ordinary IT guy.

So, the question is what is that one can do to stay inspired and hungry for success? Well, here are a few cents of knowledge that has inspired me to stay hungry for success:

 Don’t let it get to head

Like it was in Kagan’s case, he let success get to the head. Kagan himself says,” I used to host startup gatherings at Facebook’s headquarters because I enjoyed showing off where I worked. I also wrote frequent posts on about Facebook’s business. There was this one point where Mark pulled me to the side and asked me to choose between Facebook and myself. But, I still did not get the hint.”

This is the perfect example of how one can easily get derailed from the track of success if one lets it get to the head. And, that’s the first secret to stay hungry for success – don’t let success get to the head. It’s okay to show off what you have achieved, but at the same time you must always remember that it’s just the first step. Getting success at work is the second hardest thing in the world, staying hungry for it even after succeeding is the hardest!

 Read. A lot!

Reading is one of the most powerful habits that one can have in life. Take a look at all the great leaders in history, and even today, they all have been ardent readers. As a matter of fact, Elon Musk has even said that the only reason why he was able to build a rocket was because he read books.

This is not to say that you must read because people like Elon, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg all are reading, but because it is one habit that gives you a new perspective of looking at things. You have limited amount of time in life. Hence, you cannot have the luxury to experience on your own. But reading is the closest you can ever get to experience something that you have not done. That’s the best thing about it!

 Be a little selfish

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