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Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

By | Abhijit Bhaduri | Founder, Abhijit Bhaduri & Associate

Zappos encourages its employees to speak at industry events about the things at work they are proud of. If your employees are online talking about your brand (truthfully) it is the greatest endorsement you need. According to Hootsuite, Content shared by employees also gets eight times more engagement, on average, than content shared by brand channels—and is re-shared 25 times more frequently.

Saying “All tweets are personal” and “retweets do not imply endorsement” may sound impressive but it does not prevent the reader from assuming that the organization shares the same belief as the employee. So employees are representing your brand 24×7 with their social media presence. They are leaving behind digital footprints of your brand anyway.

How can organizations leverage the employees to be brand ambassadors?

1.  Ensure social media guidelines are known and reinforced continuously:

Clear guidelines make it possible for employees to play within the boundaries. Make sure you incorporate these guidelines in your new hire orientation. Show videos of model accounts of employees. It adds to the credibility. Encourage these brand evangelists to give quick talks about their experience.

2. Help employees with ready to use content: 

 Make it easy. Give them snackable bites of readymade content they can tweet. Share short data points that they could turn into a blogpost. Some employees do not like to mix their work and personal feed – respect that boundary. Make it a choice to opt-in rather than to opt out. 

3. Be prepared:

Prepare ahead what you will deal with a disaster. It helps the organization deal better. Adidas, Uber, McDonalds, Pepsi, Dove … they have all done it. They have all done massive boo-boos on social media despite it being handled by seasoned professionals. (read about it). So be kind to your employees who wobble as they take their first few steps on social media.

Which company best leverages their employees as brand ambassadors on social media? Love to read about your examples.

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