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Turning Your Goals (and Resolutions) Into Growth and Gold

By |  Art Petty |

As you approach the annual resetting of the calendar and contemplate how you will make this year different, better, and complete, here are some thoughts generated during our recent Leadership Caffeine Jam Session. (The Jam Sessions are our monthly second-Friday events where we share ideas and help each other grow smarter and stronger! No slides or pitches, just ample idea-sharing, all in 50-minutes. Register here and join us!)

8 BIG Ideas to Turn Your Goals (and Resolutions) into Growth and Gold

1. Emphasize Fewer, Bigger Goals

A significant body of research (Locke and Latham et al.) suggests fewer, larger goals translate to more personal and organizational success. Instead of choosing five chip-shots that fall into the “get better” camp, try just a few goals that frankly are uncomfortably large and challenging, and that will force you to learn on the road to doing something meaningful for your group or organization. (And yes, this suggests stretching the “A for Achievable” component of the commonly used S.M.A.R.T. goal format.)

2. Make Your Goals Promises

I love this from Marc Effron via his excellent book, 8 Steps to High-Performance: reframe your fewer, larger goals as promises. Think about it. You’re much less apt to disappoint or fall short on a promise in contrast to a more impersonal list of tactical goals created out during your firm’s annual evaluation process. Just remember to publicize your promise!

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