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TV Show Recommendations for Each Introverted Myers-Briggs Type

By | Harrison Paul |

If you’re looking for a relatable show to stream, take a cue from your Myers-Briggs personality type.  

I became an author because I’ve always loved stories. Stories provide “emotional exercise,” says acclaimed fantasy author David Farland, to simulate experiencing challenges that can make us more resilient. According to pioneer psychologist Carl Jung, they help us reconcile the different parts of our minds into a harmonious, actualized self as we appreciate different aspects of our personality. 

Many TV shows are long-form stories in a visual medium. In my experience, we introverts can have a difficult time finding shows that resonate with us, perhaps because society’s values are extrovert-biased. Or maybe just because writing meaningful, entertaining stories is hard for anyone.   

While introverts’ TV show interests will differ according to many factors, including age and culture, I believe that personality plays a role, too. For this reason, I’ve put together some TV show recommendations for each introverted personality type, using the Myers-Briggs types based on the work of Carl Jung. Many of these may appeal to introverts of several types, so give one of them a try!

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