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Two more weeks of lockdown! Go. Get on a time-machine, now

By | Ravi Santhanam | Executive Coach – Leaders & Teams

Yes, you heard right. If you are wondering what to do with the two extra weeks of lockdown, the answer is simple. Get on a Time Machine and take a trip into the future. And, sure enough, you will find the answer.

Visualise yourself, ten or twenty years from now, relaxing with a cup of your favourite brew. An eight year old, either your our neighbour’s child or grandchild, approaches you and asks, “Hey, what did you do during the great pandemic of 2020?”. What would you like your answer to be? 

Write that down. And that is your agenda / action plan etc for the two extra weeks. Isn’t that simple?

It is possible that it takes you some hours or days or even weeks to find the answer. That is ok. Just the fact that you are searching for the answer, will get you started on the journey. 

Go ahead. Get on to the time-machine, now. Bon Voyage!

Republished with permission and originally published at Ravi Santhanam’s LinkedIn

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