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Uber Just Fired 20 People. If They Had Learned From Netflix, They Would Have Done It Earlier

Source |LInkedin .com  |  BY:Justin Bariso, Author of EQ, APPLIED | Management Thinker & Doer | Inc. and TIME Contributor

(This is a shortened version of this morning’s column on You can read the original here.)

It’s been a very rough year for Uber. Allegations of sexual harassment, corporate espionage and manipulating both drivers and passengers have left indelible scars, signs of a culture that symbolizes everything that’s wrong with Silicon Valley. The CEO, Travis Kalanick, has acknowledged that he needs help to properly lead this company.

It seems, though, that he’s trying to make some changes. As reported yesterday by The New York Times:

Uber has fired 20 employees over harassment, discrimination and inappropriate behavior, as the ride-hailing company tries to contain the fallout from a series of toxic revelations about its workplace.

Uber disclosed the terminations on Tuesday at a staff meeting at its San Francisco headquarters, according to an employee who attended the event but was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter. The firings, which occurred in the last few months, stem from an internal investigation into Uber’s workplace, the employee said. The company did not name the people who were fired, but some were senior executives, the employee said.

This seems like progress, but it leads to a question:

Is it too little too late?

As I’ve followed Uber through the years, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the iconic “Netflix Culture” slide deck that went public almost a decade ago. There’s lots of gold here, but it’s especially good at identifying what’s gone wrong at Uber, as well as every other company that has a culture problem.

Here’s how Netflix explains it, beginning with Slide four:

Many companies have nice sounding value statements displayed in the lobby, such as:

  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Excellence

The next slide then relates how:




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