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UK Rethinks Work: ‘The New Frontier For Competition is Quality of Life’

Can a four-day work week improve performance? The UK is about to find out

By | Madeline Garfinkle |

More than 3,000 workers in the  — from corporate desk jobs to retail employees — are getting an extra day off. This week, the  launched the largest experiment of its kind: a four-day work week.

Organized by nonprofits 4 Day Week Global and 4 Day Week UK Campaign, thousands of workers across 70 companies will take part in the trial, which is based on the 100-80-100 rule (employees will work 80% of their time for 100% of their pay — given they still deliver 100% of their expected output).

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“As we emerge from the pandemic, more and more companies are recognizing that the new frontier for competition is quality of life, and that reduced-hour, output-focused working is the vehicle to give them a competitive edge,” Joe O’Connor, chief executive of 4 Day Week Global, said in a statement.

The four-day work week has emerged as a new perk, stemming from a tight labor market and a ruthless battle for talent. But there could be more to the incentive than just attracting quality new hires.

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