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Uncertainty is a Fertile Place

By offering no guarantees, it offers space for reimagination

Source | | Sahana Chattopadhyay

Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer is one of the defining books that started me on my journey. I have often heard the quote that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Maybe I was ready. I don’t know for what but when I read the book, something deep within me moved. It shifted a core part of me. To quote from the book:

Consciousness precedes being: consciousness, yours and mine, can form, deform, or reform our world.

The more I thought about it, I realized that we have co-created our current world through our choices, our decisions, our intentions. Today’s crisis is a crisis of conscience and consciousness—across the board. The underlying narrative of today’s civilization glorifies profit, victory, growth, acquisitiveness, and competition above compassion, courage, curiosity, joy, grace, dignity. Everything that makes us human and humane have been rendered useless in this civilizational story.

This narrative is a strange monster that feeds on people’s vulnerability and devastates this beautiful planet—all for the sake of GDP and an ever-elusive growth. And that is considered legit. Outlandish laws and policies allow corporates to sue sovereign countries if they wish to protect their environment or their people. It is deemed ok to pay the least possible to extract the most from the poorest. All in the name of profit. For a few mega-corporate. For a few powerful individuals.

How did we let this happen? What choices did we make along the way that has brought us teetering to the edge of collapse? What must we let go of to transform?

Humans (the powerful and the privileged) have ravaged the earth to extract the riches hidden deep within her. Human hubris and greed have proved limitless. The Planet is imploding because we are in denial: denial of our limits, denial of nature, denial of different worldviews, and most importantly, the denials of our humanity and interconnectedness.

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