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Unconventional Interview Tricks- Hit or Miss

By | Ritik Singh

With the fast-evolving world and advancing technology, many companies are using various unconventional interview tricks to decipher the best talents for the job. But the question is, is the use of such unconventionalinterview tricks helping or hindering the recruitment process?

The increase in unconventional recruiting tactics has certainly created a considerable amount of argument about whether it is effective or not, and if they are, how can they be used to find the best talent.

Many companies have started some random unconventional techniques including etiquettes, such as leaving litter on the floor to see who picks it up and who ignores it, seeing whether the candidates wash their cups after the interview or even some extreme measures such as texting a potential candidate at late night or early morning to see if they reply.

These are attempts to see whether the candidate will fit in with the company’s culture, but in reality, such results are inconsistent as many candidates already know they are being tested and thus do what is expected of them.

In Essence

Thus, in short, the bottom line is that a recruiter might think that these unconventional methods of hiring are useful when they actually might just be a waste of time and resources. There is no doubt that every manager’s intention is to aim and hire a candidate who is best for their company, but over time such unconventional methods may not only make the hiring process one-sided but also might create an immense lack of diversity.

By perusing and judging the applicants based on how they react to under a given circumstance, the company will end hiring candidates of similar behaviour and minds-sets, rather than broadening their horizon to hire people of different thinking to create diversity in their work culture.

When hiring new talent, the recruiters have the luxury of choosing someone with creative thinking, and skill-sets that can benefit the organization in many ways. Hiring candidates with similar mentality and skill-sets will impact the company’s growth tremendously as no fresh ideas will be brought to the table.

There is a possibility that this may not change anything in the beginning, but given the giddying pace with which the world is evolving, the company might soon result in falling backward. Let alone innovation, lack of diversity has also proven to have a lot of repercussions on the bottom-line.

Companies that have a diverse work culture and employees are known to be five times more successful than the companies that don’t.

Disengaged Staff

Eventually, it is not just the organization that will get affected, but the existing employees will also start re-thinking their decision of staying in the company. Any employee does not want to work for a company that judges them on superficial aspects.

If the retained employees start feeling that the company’s recruitment practices their career progression is based on such superfluous judgements, and not actual qualifying talents and skills, they might start considering to leave the company as they would feel it is not a place that would let them grow and develop in their career.

This will result in the employees feeling demotivated and disengaged with their work, which will automatically hamper the company’s business and growth. In the worst-case scenario, employees might churn and look for other companies that give importance to talent and don’t judge on the basis of unconventional interview tricks.

Use of Recruitment Software

So, the final question arises. What can companies do to improve their recruitment process and hire candidates best suited for the job? The simple way is to integrate recruitment software. A good recruitment software not only eases the work of a recruiter but also ensures that the hiring process is fair and unbiased.

It helps in shortlisting the candidates according to their merit and qualifications, thus ensuring that the idyllic candidate is hired for the job. Implementing a fair and robust recruitment process can help the companies in overcoming any unconscious bias and helps in recruiting candidates based on their skills and ability rather than judging them on assumptions by using unconventional methods.

The use of analytics also helps in improving the recruitment process as they can be utilized to peruse and identify the particular traits of the existing employees in the organization who have excelled in their performance on a fair basis, and then the recruiters use these traits to find the same qualities in any potential candidate.


Hiring new employees who are an invaluable asset to the organization, at the same time also work efficiently in a team, is not an easy task. But using unconventional interview tricksis certainly not the answer to it.

By using advanced recruitment methods such as different software and analytics, companies will surely find the candidate they are looking for, at the same time maintaining diversity too.

Hope the article helps you recruiting better. Thanks for reading!

Good luck!

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Ritik Singh writes about HR software in India, cloud, and enterprise technology. A dynamic content writer who writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud-based HR software with inbuilt AI-powered HR Chatbot (smHRty) to small and mid-sized businesses across India.

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