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Understanding the Key Differences Between Google AdX and AdSense

By | Ramran

If you’re looking to monetize your website traffic, two of the best options available are Google AdSense and AdX. Both are owned and operated by Google. But there are a few key differences you need to know about these products. It would impact how much your revenue is going to be from your website. In this article, learn about the critical differences between AdSense and Ad.X.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense, or simply AdSense, is an advertising network created by Google. It is a network that allows advertisers to promote their products on various websites affiliated with Google AdSense. The websites affiliated with AdSense are called publishers. So, you can conclude AdSense is a way of bringing advertisers and publishers together. Advertisers pay money for the placement, while publishers are paid for publishing the ads on their website, and Google takes a cut in the middle.

Google AdX

Google AdX is a programmatic ad exchange platform developed by the search engine giant. It allows other advertisers outside of AdSense to participate in the ad network. So other ad networks, ad agencies, and companies can showcase their ads on the publishers’ website. So in a way, Ad Exchange brings advertisers, publishers, and agencies together under one roof.

So the first difference you should know is that AdSense is for advertisers who want to display their ads on publishers’ websites.

Google Ad Exchange is a Programmatic Ad Platform

What is a programmatic ad platform? It’s a platform that allows advertisers to bid for ad placement. It offers real-time bidding for ad spaces, and advertisers place their maximum bid on them. The bid with the highest amount gets that advertising space. All of these things happen automatically for every ad space available. Advertisers set the maximum amount they’re willing to pay and their preferred targeting niche. The platform takes care of the rest.

As an advantage for publishers, they can expect a higher CPM or CPC. Because advertisers are bidding for the ad spaces, the cost will go up for some more relevant slots. Before being acquired by Google, AdX was DoubleClick Ad Exchange which operated with this model.

On the other hand, Google AdSense is an advertising network. Google simply places the ads on the available ad spaces using cookies targeting. Since there’s no bidding and competition, publishers earn less.

Getting into AdSense is Easy

As a publisher, getting approved into the AdSense network is easy. Sign up for an AdSense account with your Google account and get your website approved. It may take between 2-5 days for approval. If your niche is relevant and your website receives enough traffic, Google will start placing ads immediately after approval.

As a requirement for AD Exchange, your website should be getting at least 5 million monthly page views. Plus, there’s a list of selection criteria to meet. And if you meet them, you should sign up for AdX without any delay. There are more ad buyers, and the payout can be better.

If you’re a publisher looking to run either AdSense or AdX, it’s recommended to build a good traffic source first. Pageviews and bounce rate are the two most important metrics you should look at. If you have a sticky website and generate a steady amount of traffic, you can build a stable income source.

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